Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform

Maximize Gen 5 fibre channel application performance

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Get the actionable intelligence you need to maximize performance across the data center and ensure application delivery SLAs. The Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform is a purpose-built SAN appliance for measuring application performance and traffic behavior in a Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel network.

Unmatched monitoring: Breakthrough application-level performance monitoring capabilities integrated with Brocade Gen 6 and 5 Fibre Channel technology provide non-invasive, zero-downtime visibility into host, fabric, and storage performance.

Advanced troubleshooting: Quickly identify problems with non-disruptive analytics data correlation and reporting to dramatically reduce troubleshooting time. Leverage integrated device-level metrics and fabric behavior for complete visibility of the entire environment.

Increased ROI: Get in-depth, fabric-wide monitoring at half the cost of alternative solutions. Brocade virtual Taps (vTaps) eliminate cable splicing, reduce deployment time to minutes, and scale cost-effectively to tens of thousands of application data flows.


Application monitoring

  • Benchmark metrics such as latency, IOPS, and pending I/O to identify anomalies and help ensure predictable performance
  • Brocade Analytic Switch Link (ASL) and vTaps eliminate the need for highly invasive physical taps that impact performance through light degradation
  • Automatically discover and deploy monitoring of server/storage flow pairs in a fabric


Easy operation

  • Generate customized real-time and historic reports to correlate and summarize trends and specific events
  • Quickly identify problems with on-demand, non-disruptive diagnostics of server, storage, and fabric devices
  • Leverage integrated device-level metrics and fabric behavior for complete visibility of the entire environment
  • Create thresholds and automate alerts of application behavior for early problem detection


Increased ROI

  • Reduce time to deploy advanced monitoring and analytics from days or weeks to minutes
  • Automate monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting tasks to save critical time
  • Maximize ROI by scaling out analytics for large environments without additional OpEx
  • Leverage existing Brocade SAN tools to reduce OpEx with no learning curve


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