USB 和 PCI I/O 加速器

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PCI I/O 加速器

Broadcom 的 PCI 9000 系列具有最先进、范围最广的通用 PCI 对本地总线桥接器。我们的产品包括两种 I/O 加速器,即目标加速器和主加速器。

  • PCI 总线主 I/O 加速器
    • 支持直接从属和直接主动操作
    • 可以使得处理器/本地总线主要设备访问存储器和 PCI 总线上的其他设备
    • 支持 DMA,使得任何一个总线上的主要设备均能指导芯片运行数据传输
    • 为智能外围设备和嵌入式主机提供理想的解决方案
  • PCI 目标 I/O 加速器
    • 可以使得 PCI 总线主要设备访问存储器和本地总线上的其他从属设备

USB 控制器

Broadcom USB 控制器具有优异的性能,严格符合行业标准,显着降低功耗。NetChip USB 控制器广泛用于:打印机、便携式媒体播放器、GPS 系统、电视调谐器、个人电脑、笔记本电脑、手提电脑、WLAN 设备、手机、数码相机和摄录像机。

  • 快速数据传输率
  • PCI 设计向 USB 转移
  • 大大省电
  • 占用空间最小
  • 软件解决方案
什么是 USB 二重组合?
USB 二重组合通过 USB 线向个人上网本电脑同另一台个人电脑相连。使得用户可以:
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PLX Technology's PCI 9000 Series provide the most advanced, broadest range of general-purpose, PCI-to-local bus bridges available. Our product offering includes two types of I/O Accelerators: Targets and Masters.

  • PCI Bus Master I/O Accelerators
    •  Support Direct Slave and Direct Master Operation
    •  Allow Processor/local Bus Master Devices to Access Memory and Other Devices on the PCI Bus
    •  Support DMA, Allowing Masters on Either Bus to Direct the Chip to Perform Data Transfers
    •  Provide an Ideal Solution for Intelligent Peripheral Devices and Embedded Hosts
  • PCI Target I/O Accelerators
    • Allow PCI Bus Master Devices to Access Memory and Other Slave Devices on a Local Bus


PCI 9656

64-bit; 66MHz PCI Bus Master I/O Accelerator, 27 x 27mm PBGA

PCI 9080

32-bit; 33MHz PCI Bus Master I/O Accelerator, 30.6 x 30.6mm PQFP

PCI 9056

32-bit; 66MHz PCI Bus Master I/O Accelerator, 17 x 17mm FPBGA

PCI 9054

32-bit; 33MHz PCI Bus Master I/O Accelerator, 24 x 24mm PQFP or 27 x 27mm PBGA

PCI 9052

32-bit; 33MHz PCI Target I/O Accelerator, 31.2 x 31.2 mm PQFP

PCI 9030

32-bit; 33MHz PCI Target I/O Accelerator, 26 x 26mm PQFP or 12 x 12mm µBGA

What is USB Duet?

USB Duet connects a netbook PC to another PC with a USB cable

This allows users to

  • Share another PC's optical disc drive (ODD) to install software, burn or rip CD/DVDs, perform HDD recovery, and upgrade OS
  • Connect to another PC for file sharing and sync
  • Connect to iPad, HDTVs, printers, gaming consoles, DVD players, and more!

Key Features & Applications

Key Features

  • 480Mb/s up to 5Gb/s performance!
  • Secure connection
  • Simple to use, "It just works!"

Key Applications

  • Optical Disc Drive (ODD) Sharing
  • File Sharing
  • System Setup & Recovery
Optical Disc Drive (ODD) Sharing

Share another PC's optical disc drive (ODD) with the netbook PC to allow users to

  • Install new software from a CD-ROM disc (e.g. MS Office)
  • Burn media and data files from the netbook PC directly to CD or DVD discs
  • Recover the netbook PC's HDD using a recovery DVD
  • Upgrade the netbook PC's OS with an install DVD-ROM disc

ODD Sharing provides end user cost savings because they will not need to buy an external ODD for their netbook PC

File Sharing

Share files using a virtual USB thumb drive that resides on the netbook PC

  • User chooses what files to put in the virtual drive for sharing
  • Connect the USB cable and virtual drive appears on the other PC
  • Directly connect to HDTVs, DVD players, and Gaming Consoles, and to share media files (e.g. play slideshow)

Security prevents access to virtual drive when netbook PC is in these modes: Log Off, Locked, Sleep/Hibernate, Shutdown. File sharing is supported in Windows (XP, Vista, 7) as well as certain instant-ON OS (for quick sharing).

System Setup & Recovery

Enhances the "Out-of-the-Box Experience" (OOBE) for consumers setting up a new netbook

  • Connect new netbook to existing PC to migrate settings, bookmarks, music, pictures, etc. to the new netbook PC

Backup/Restore netbook PC's entire HDD or partition(s) to/from another PC

  • Connects like an external HDD to another PC
  • User recovers HDD image using a recovery DVD-ROM disc
  • Increased HDD Storage Space
  • No need to store recovery HDD image on netbook PC HDD

Applications Expansion

Infinite possibilities for new apps in Intel Netbook App Store. Developers can develop new apps to work on USB Duet-enabled netbook PCs and post them on the Intel Netbook App Store for purchase.

New apps ideas include...

  • Internet Connection Sharing
  • KVM - Share primary PC's keyboard, mouse, and monitor for more comfortable use at home/office
  • Outlook Sync - Sync Outlook and My Documents data to and from a user's primary PC

USB 3382

PCI Express Gen 2 to USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Peripheral Controller

USB 3380

PCI Express Gen 2 to USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Peripheral Controller

USB 2380

PCI Express Gen 1 to USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Peripheral Controller

Broadcom 提供丰富的 USB 软件,帮助您以最快的时间把 USB 设备推向市场。我们的 USB 2.0 开发套件将标准 Windows 个人电脑转换成 USB 外围设备,使得可以在个人电脑上开发 USB 设备和主机软件,即时是在硬件准备使用之前。
在 USB 外围设备上,Broadcom 为提取 USB 硬件的详情提供了固件 API,以及为特定的 USB 驱动类别提供了固件驱动器。它们专用于方便地移植到不同的操作系统和 CPU 中。提供源代码和移植指南。
USB 主机上提供的示例驱动程序和应用程序能够用于以及修改后用于 USB 外围设备。