Stingray™ Ethernet Storage Adapters and ICs

Broadcom’s market leading Stingray data center SoC family powers a number of PCIe adapters for both initiator storage services offload and for storage target controllers.  Built on TSMC’s world class 16nm FF technology, the second generation Stingray SoC integrates a 100G Ethernet with NVMe-oF™ RoCEv2 support, an Octal A72 CPU cluster at 3GHz, hardware acceleration for CPU intensive offloads such as RAID5/6, Erasure, Security and Deduplication and 16 Gen3 PCIe lanes for balanced 100G performance and best in class quality of service.

Stingray’s highly programmable architecture enables the ability to run new services like NVMeoTCP or future NVMe Express standards.  The PS1100R adapter provides NVME-oF support and fast time to market for classic high available enterprise based JBOFs and cloud scale appliances that are core to next generation disaggregated composable storage solutions. As an initiator the PS2xx family offloads storage services from the host freeing host CPU resources for core applications. This provides increased TCO for data center architectures while improving network isolation and security.

For Stingray Linux software development kit for SmartNIC and NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) storage controllers, go to Stingray™ Software.

For more information on Stingray storage controller ICs, go to BCM58800 - Stingray™ SmartNIC and Storage Controller IC.


PS1100R - 100GbE NVMeOF PCIe Storage Adapter

Stingray™ 100GbE Adapter for Storage Disaggregation over RDMA and TCP