MegaRAID CacheCade Pro 2.0 Software

采用基于 SSD 的闪存高速缓存发挥现有硬盘驱动器阵列的性能

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当 IT 推动硬盘驱动器 (HDD) 阵列达到其 I/O 潜能时,数据“热点”就变得不可避免。MegaRAID® CacheCade® Pro 2.0 软件采用小型固态驱动器 (SSD) 投入作为大得多的磁盘阵列的前端闪存缓存,在闪存中动态地保持“最热的”数据。这可以显著地提高读/写速度和缩短滞后时间。
  • 用最少的 SSD 投资从 HDD 阵列中大幅提升性能
  • 采用直观的管理软件分配和管理 SSD 池
  • 消除或减少由短行程硬盘驱动器造成的容量浪费
  • 减少最常用的存取数据的损耗,延长 HDD 的使用寿命


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Software License MPN & Ordering Part Number MR CACHECADE2 OCS (LSI00293) - Compatible with the following MegaRAID SAS series controllers: 9260, 9261, 9265, 9266, 9270, 9271, 9280, 9285, 9286, 9361, 9380
Physical Key MPN & Ordering Part Number L5-25150-08 (LSI00292) - Compatible with MegaRAID SAS 9260 (-4i, CV-4i, -8i, CV-8i, -16i), 9280 (-4i4e, -16i4e, -24i4e)
L5-25188-04 (LSI00290) - Compatible with MegaRAID SAS 9265-8i, 9266 (-4i, -8i), 9270-8i, 9271 (-4i, -8i), 9285 (-8e, CV-8e), 9286 (-8e, CV-8e), 9361 (-4i, -8i), 9380 (-8e)
Supported Operating Systems All operating systems supported by MegaRAID controller cards
Supported SSDs View the Compatibility Report for a list of SSDs compatible with MegaRAID CacheCade Pro*

*only 512 native and 512e SSDs are supported in the Compatibility report

Maximum Number of SSD in a CacheCade SSD Pool 32
Maximum Number of SSC virtual disks supported per Controller Up to 64 (total number of HDD virtual disks plus CacheCade virtual disks must not exceed 64)
Maximum CacheCade Capacity per Controller up to 2TB*
*2TB supported only with Controllers with 2GB DRAM Cache equipped.


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RAID-on-Chip Controller
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